A Mindless Heart
Mindless Behavior is a singing group of four humble young boys. They are extremely talented in what they do and show love to all their beautiful fans.All four of them have great potential. Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal and Ray Ray all different beautiful personalities into one. Stay Mindless, I love you.  Mindless hearts

Anonymous said:
Hows it goooooiiin ??

gooood. you?

Anonymous said:
hiaa :)


If you ever wanted a picture example of ratchet Team Mindless, here you go.

doin the most

Prince turned hood.

Prince turned hood.

MB lost over 6,000 follower on twitter….. 



I didnt know they was taking the shit that far 

MB Rant 8-4-12 

I feel bad for saying all this but I have to. I love Mindless Behavior, I love supporting them, spending my time editing them for other fans to enjoy. I love their fans so much no matter how mindless some of them are. By mindless I mean brainless. But I read one of an MB confession saying how this girl wrote an 11 page letter about her being bullied and she gave it to Princeton. Then, she got a call by a woman saying she found it when she was taking out the trash located at (K-Mart) when they were in New York for their meet and greet. Honestly, I felt really bad, she spent time writing that and really wanted Princeton to show sympathy at least. I love Princeton, I really do but that is just low, on the lowest level. If the girl made that story up, that’s low itself but I doubt it’s made up. Second, MB brought Bahja, Star, Reginae and I don’t know who the other girl was. I think it was Lola/Lolo whatever but when I watched it…it looked like Justice to me. But whichever, that was low too. I feel bad for the dedicated fans that were there tonight and wished they picked them to come up. So what if that’s MB’s best friends? That makes it even worse. It makes it worse because if they’re their best friends then you shouldn’t have to bring them up on stage, you have a lot more opportunities to hang out with them since they’re their “best friends”. MB should of known that there were fans out there dying to at least touch them up there but they bring those girls up there. About those rumors with Ray and Star, they probably are dating, and I know some of the fans in the crowd has all heard about it. That was mindless of them to do that, it’s just causing more drama because you know exactly how it gets. That’s shameful. I won’t stop listening to their music or stop supporting them but that just made me very disappointed in them. 

When I heard Prodigy cried/feels horrible when someone calls him ugly, I cried. The boy is so beautiful, kind and very talented. The fact that he was so upset that tears fell from his eyes is so mean. Do you know how it feels to be called ugly? You can’t change how you look right now, I can’t explain how that’s the worse thing to call someone. Imagine how insecure he feels right now. The people that called and still are calling him ugly are going to get the same exact thing come back to them. Because what goes around, eventually comes back around. I’m sorry, Prod. You are always beautiful to me.